pl.m. brahmani

Dizionario dei sinonimi e contrari. 2013.

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  • brahmano — /bra mano/ (o bramano) s.m. [dal lat. Brachmani o Bragmani orum, gr. brakhmânes, sanscr. brahmàn ]. (relig.) [in India, appartenente alla casta sacerdotale] ▶◀ bramino …   Enciclopedia Italiana

  • brahmano — brah·mà·no s.m. TS relig. chi appartiene alla più importante delle quattro caste indiane a cui, al tempo del brahmanesimo, erano affidate le funzioni sacerdotali {{line}} {{/line}} VARIANTI: bramano, 1bramino. DATA: 1554. ETIMO: dal lat.… …   Dizionario italiano

  • Omnipotence — (from Latin: Omni Potens: all power ) is unlimited power. Monotheistic religions generally attribute omnipotence to only the deity of whichever faith is being addressed. In the monotheistic philosophies of Abrahamic religions, omnipotence is… …   Wikipedia

  • Upanishad — The Upanishads (Devanagari: उपनिषद्, IAST: IAST|upaniṣad, also spelled Upanisad ) are Hindu scriptures that constitute the core teachings of Vedanta. [cite book | last = Brodd | first = Jefferey | authorlink = | coauthors = | title = World… …   Wikipedia

  • Mandala 7 — The seventh Mandala of the Rigveda ( book 7 , RV 7 ) has 104 hymns. In the Rigveda Anukramani, all hymns in this book are attributed to Vasishta. Hymn 32 is additionally credited to Sakti Vasista, and hymns 101 102 (to Parjanya) are additionally… …   Wikipedia

  • Santacittarama — is the name of the Italian Theravada Buddhist monastery in the Thai Forest Tradition lineage of Ajahn Chah located near Rome. It was established in the 90s by the former Italian Bhikku Ajahn Thannavaro, a disciple of Ajahn Sumedho s, near Latina… …   Wikipedia

  • Hindu units of measurement — Vedic and Puranic units of time span from the Paramáńu (about 17 microseconds) to the mahamanvantara (311.04 trillion years). Hindu theology considers the creation and destruction of the universe a cyclic process. Contents 1 Introduction 2 Time 2 …   Wikipedia

  • Панчабрахма мантра — Панчабрахма мантры довольно широко используются в Шивапудже самых разных школ и на них постоянно ссылаются различные руководства по шиваитским ритуалам. Все они относятся к Тайттирийа аранйаке (X.17 21) Кришна йаджур веды. Десятая глава… …   Википедия

  • Панчабрахма-мантры — Статья по тематике Литература индуизма Веды Риг · Яджур …   Википедия

  • brahmanico — brah·mà·ni·co agg. TS stor., filos., relig. che si riferisce al brahmano o al brahmanesimo {{line}} {{/line}} VARIANTI: bramanico. DATA: 1840 …   Dizionario italiano

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